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An Outstanding Doctor!

Dr. Hakimi is an outstanding doctor and person. I have delivered two children with him and had an excellent experience both times. Dr. Hakimi is professional, knowledgeable, thorough and cautious. He takes the time to listen to the patient, address concerns and answer questions. Above all, his bedside manner, patient interaction and overall character is exemplary. His concern about his patients is genuine and his gentleness and kindness are not typical of a top-notch, highly capable doctor.

During my second delivery with Dr. Hakimi I experienced significant, unforeseen complications that required Dr. Hakimi to work quickly, calmly and adeptly in order to ensure that my baby and I were healthy and safe. As they say, you can never really know someone until they are under pressure. Well, the way Dr. Hakimi worked under time and circumstantial pressure spoke more loudly to me than any of my other experiences with him. Not only was he, Thank G-d, able to work quickly and competently-amazing in and of itself-the way he spoke calmly and respectfully to all staff members during this trying time was truly a testament to his remarkable character.

If you are looking for a competent, highly skilled, and truly kind and caring OB/GYN there is no need to look any further than Dr. Hakimi. (MF)

Beyond Exceptional!

Before seeing Dr. Hakimi I had been through three miscarriages.  Two other Dr.’s that treated me could not figure out why this was happening.  A close friend of mine recommended me to Dr. Hakimi and thank goodness she did.  He immediately took all sorts of tests and figured out how to handle my high risk pregnancy.  Soon I was pregnant with my first child.  With the medication Dr. Hakimi recommended and a lot of prayer, Sebastian was born in 2010.  One year later I was expecting again.  Again with the same medication I was able to successfully deliver my daughter Chloe in 2012.  My husband and I truly believe that if it wasn’t for Dr. Hakimi we wouldn’t have our beautiful family today!  Dr. Hakimi is beyond exceptional!  He has blessed us and we greatly appreciate him.  I would recommend him to anyone, high risk or not.  (NP)

The groom ends up in casts as he dances in joy at his own wedding! Congratulations on the wedding and now the beautiful baby girl! We are thankful everyday that we were referred to Dr Hakimi. From the very first time we met him he has been a dream come true. Being this our first baby, he made this the most amazing experience possible all the way through to the birth of our baby boy. There is no way we could have done this without him.  Dr Hakimi makes you feel like you are the only patient he has.  He always walks in with a smile on his face, He is so friendly and shows so much care towards you, yet very professional,  he makes you feel so calm and confident in what he is doing no matter how complicated the situation gets the last minute . We feel completely indebted and grateful to Dr Hakimi every single day. There is no way we could ever repay him for all that he has done for us. Not only he is the most amazing doctor, his entire staff is exceptionally nice and caring too. His Nurse midwife Elaine was the most amazing thing that happened to us. There could not be anyone nicer and more caring then her. We feel so indebted to the entire staff at Dr hakimi’s office. Thank You for being the greatest blessing. (MM)

Thank You, Dr. Hakimi

Words cannot express our deepest gratitude for all you have done over the past decade. I just do not know how your wife deals with you never being home. Every single one of my children was born in the middle of the night and time after time you proved your skills to us live and in person. I really think that without your expertise, I would have not been able to make it through all of my very complicated high risk pregnancies! We have full trust in you and wholeheartedly remain committed to you for the rest of our lives. It has always been worth our while to travel 1.5 hrs from South Jersey for every single pregnancy in order to be under your care. (RE)


We love Dr. Hakimi

Since 2005, I have been traveling 1.5 hrs to Northern NJ just to be under the care of Dr. Hakimi. We used to live in Bergen County and a friend referred us to Dr. Hakimi. Then came the move to South Jersey and I had to choose someone closer. I took me just a few visits to realize that there was no way that I would allow anyone but Dr. Hakimi deliver all my children. My husband is also a physician and he too feels very comfortable with him. We trust his knowledge, patience, and medical Judgement. Dr. Hakimi is truly part of our family. We highly recommend him to anyone who understands what quality care really means. (EL)

A True Asset!

Dr. Hakimi has been a valuable asset and friend to our family. He is best in class. I would recommend him to any woman, no matter you age or health concerns. (DB)





Dr. Hakimi is the best!

Dr.  Daniel Hakimi was referred by a close friend. I’m currently a patient since 2007 at which point he took care of my tough complications due to that first pregnancy.  Dr. Hakimi treated me in a plesant fashion and gave me all the opinions that were best for me. The staff are very plesant and kind too.  Dr. Hakimi has always gone above and beyond his line of duty; not only for me but also for my entire family as well. During my post partum recovery, he made me feel very comfortable as if the pregnancy was not a high risk one and interacted very nicely with my husband.  He truly cares for his patients and I have never felt so comfortable and trustful with any doctor like this. As I plan my second pregnancy, I look forward to once again be guided by him. (SF)

Honored Dr. Hakimi

Wishing to convey our heartfelt appreciation, upon your sincere devotion, And exceptional dedication, Your patience at expending boundless time with each patient, Is utterly a sensation, Reflecting a unique personality, deserving excessive admiration. An angel sent to congratulate our baby’s joyous celebration. May God bless you in your future endeavors!! (MG)




We have been driving to Dr. Hakimi from Lakewood, NJ for the past three and a half years. It’s an hour and a half drive each way from where we live. Let me start by saying that Dr Hakimi has treated us like family, friends, and of course a patient. Anytime there was a worry we’d call him at any time and he’d make it all go away. He has been there for us whether at 6 am or 9 pm on any given day of the week, holidays included. His calm demeanor is constant, no matter the panic we may have felt. And when any other doctor would have resorted straight for a C-section, Dr. Hakimi worked hard to avoid it. You will never know when you need the skills of an exceptional Ob/Gyn. Words can not express the gratitude we feel towards him for delivering our children. They are our miracles and we will forever be grateful to him. Dr Hakimi took the time to listen, hear us out, and address all of our concerns. His bedside manner is unheard of. When anyone we know needs a great doctor, we immediately refer them to Dr. Hakimi. May God give you all the strength you need to continue on with your truly amazing skills! (FF)

My experience with Dr Hakimi  has been nothing short of wonderful!  He made each visit less strenuous by asking all the right questions and answering every single one of mine. He was professional and put me at ease at a time when I was considerably stressed. I was amazed with the care and genuine concern shown. The warm and welcoming staff was an added bonus too. Their kind smile and professionalism helped make each visit quick and hassle free.  Appointments  were scheduled on time and I was always helped right away when calling in with questions.  It was a pleasure being welcomed into such a warm environment!
Dr Hakimi’s devotion to the patients in a friendly atmosphere is indeed very impressive.  What truly makes him unique though, is the fact that he can overcome any challenge no matter how stressful it may be under any given circumstances. I believe his secret to success and low complication rate is his calm and collected demeanor, something that a woman wants to see in a competent Ob/Gyn. Thank you for all you did to bring my three beautiful children into this world! (CG)


Mom & Dad have got their hands full!

I can write a book on Dr. Hakimi & his staff. My husband and I were absolutely impressed with the experience we had with our first son. We had a very similar experience the second time around with our twins – a boy and a girl! Much can be said and written about Dr. Hakimi and his courteous, knowledgeable and helpful staff. However, I will be brief in order to keep it simple for readers of this forum. Dr. Hakimi is one of the best doctors I’ve seen, and this opinion of mine is just based on very simple facts – over the course of two pregnancies, there was not even a single day when I did not get a satisfactory answer to my questions, even if they were of peace-of-mind types. Despite being a part of a busy practice, my appointments never ran late, nor did I ever feel like I was just a number in a well-in-demand practice. My care was always individualized and he always made me feel as if I was his only patient. Dr. Hakimi is a true expert and a seasoned professional. He picked on issues that my previous providers had not seen. On many occasions, when expected parents go through all sorts or imaginations and unknown fears, I always used to contact Dr. Hakimi for his help and invaluable guidance.  Not sure how anyone can describe this level of professional dedication and love for people who seek him. I carried twins, and with his constant guidance, support & encouragement I had a very smooth delivery. My twins were perfectly healthy & they got back home with me. I cannot thank him enough for coming into our life as a blessing. Dr. Hakimi, Thank you! (AS)


On october 2012 I had an appendectomy after which I was told by the general surgeon to take care of an ovarian cyst.  It was difficult for me to find a good and  trustworthy Gyn surgeon. Then the pain and the bleeding started to get worse . A friend of mine swore by Dr Hakimi. She was braving about his surgical skills. My husband and I decided to see him. He right away made the correct diagnosis and gave us all our options. After a few visits, we decided to proceed with surgery in order to get rid of the fibroids that were causing trouble. He performed the most amazing “same day”  Robotic Hysterectomy for me and the results were excellent;  Within 2 weeks I was back to work and I am no longer in pain to this day. Dr Hakimi is  professional with exceptional skills, trustful, patience and makes you feel comfortable. Thanks Dr Hakimi for your dedication and commitment to us, your patients. (KA)

Dr. Hakimi is a world class physician and an incredible human being!  Our “miracle baby” was born more than 15 years after the birth of our last child. Due to health conditions suffered by both of us, doctors said that we would never have children again. When we unexpectedly conceived, it was an extremely high risk pregnancy by all accounts.  Dr. Hakimi took us on without batting an eye and was both a compassionate champion for mother and baby as well as keen-eyed doctor, who never ceased to consider our case, often conducting additional research and sparing no test to ensure an optimal outcome. Dr. Hakimi tweaked and fine-tuned my medications, often on a weekly basis and watched over every aspect of my pregnancy as it progressed. A pregnancy that could have ended at 28 weeks or even earlier, was able to successfully reach the 37 week mark, thanks largely to Dr. Hakimi’s incredible skill, technical finesse and personal dedication to each patient and their unborn child. He has an easy and steady demeanor and knows how to calm women (and their partners!) who are dealing with challenging pregnancies. He is also a very modest man, who makes women feel as comfortable as possible in their most vulnerable situations. Dr. Hakimi has been there for us, literally 24/7, even after the birth, when some questions arose. I ended up with an unavoidable c section but have to share that the recovery was really not bad and I have gotten numerous compliments on the “scar”, which is incredibly discreet and is testament to Dr. Hakimi’s expert hands and attention to detail and excellence. His staff is also incredible. It’s clear that they enjoy working for Dr. Hakimi, which says a lot, and their dispositions are always sunny and helpful. They are also multi-skilled in areas such as blood drawing (I should know, I’m a hard stick and they were excellent!), to baby monitoring and more. The office is beautiful and spa-like, and with all of the major tests available on the premises, it is really a one-stop center for all pre-natal medical needs. 

Before switching to Dr. Hakimi, I was seeing THREE doctors to accomplish all that he was able to do (successfully!) under one roof. We recommend him wholeheartedly and besides our extreme appreciation for bringing our miracle baby into this world, Dr. Hakimi has earned our deep respect and friendship. (AR)

I am truly thankful that I used Dr Hakimi and his nurse midwife Eve Teurs for my third pregnancy.

I originally went to Dr Hakimi’s practice as I wanted a midwife. Eve is everything I could wish for in a midwife and more. She is warm, caring, understanding, sweet, and patient with great medical knowledge.  My pregnancy ended up being high risk, so I could not have the midwife pregnancy and delivery that I planned to have but am very grateful that I ended up under Dr Hakimi’s care.  Thanks to his acute medical judgement, I was no longer high risk by my third trimester and  I ended up delivering full term with no c-section with Eve very much involved all along the way. It was also really wonderful to always be greeted by their warm smiles, they have the best bedside manner I have ever encountered. Dr Hakimi and Eve always took the time to listen to me and address all my medical and emotional concerns with great warmth and understanding.

Eve and Dr Hakimi were by my side for the delivery. And they were both amazing. Thanks to Dr Hakimi’s great judgement I avoided a c-section and Eve was absolutely incredible in the delivery. She was supportive, encouraging, and truly respected my needs and wishes. Choose your midwife carefully because you never know what kind of a physician is backing her up. I knew from day number one what I could expect from this supportive team!

I could not have been happier with my care and warmly recommend the practice for everyone, from high risk to un-medicated birth, as they truly cater to your needs and wishes. (NS)


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