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Midwifery services

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The word midwife means, quite literally, “with woman”.  This view of women working with women as a team is the foundation of what is known as the Midwifery Model of care. Midwives can help you have the special birth that you and your baby deserve. Our goal is to help you achieve this with the personalized, one-on-one care that a certified nurse midwife provides.

What is a midwife?  A certified nurse midwife (CNM) has completed a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s degree in nursing with a specialty in midwifery. Certified nurse midwives are trained in all areas women’s health including antepartum (prenatal), childbirth, postpartum, gynecology and primary care.  Midwives focus on the “normal” and “low risk” women; however they are also well trained in emergencies and problems. Midwives are similar to nurse practitioners. They always work in collaboration with a physician (if needed). Midwives are licensed to write prescriptions for all types of medication and testing. Midwives are not only trained in childbirth, but in the full scope of women’s health from adolescence through menopause.

Midwifery care at Ob/Gyn & Infertility Services of Northern NJ provides a full range of services for women in the New York Metropolitan area including:

  • All prenatal care, including lab work and the necessary ultrasounds 

  • Personalized labor and birth attendance

  • Postpartum and newborn care

  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

  • Childbirth education

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Strong medical back-up in the event of complications

  • Full service gynecological care including annual examinations (Pap smears), treatment of vaginal infections, STD testing, contraceptive management and more!

  • Home prenatal visits can be arranged if the patient qualifies

All midwifery care is provided by state licensed certified nurse midwife, Eve Tuers, CNM, WHNP-BC. Unlike many other midwifery practices, Eve works closely and in the same office with her backup physician, Dr. Hakimi. Our practice is unique in that in the event the physician is needed, the patient will know the physician and care is usually not transferred, but co-managed with Dr. Hakimi.  Eve’s patients do not lose the continuity of their care with their midwife. Often, she even co-manages higher risk pregnancies by collaborating with Dr. Hakimi. Prenatal care is flexible, with many office hours available. Night appointments are available.

Our Philosophy

Pregnancy and birth are normal life events – not  diseases. A woman’s body is designed for giving birth, and childbirth happens the way it does because it is the best and safest method of bringing children into the world. For the normal healthy woman, interfering in the natural birth process actually creates many of the very problems we want to avoid.

We support women in their preferences to have the childbirth experience that they desire. We believe that it is a woman’s right to decide what she needs to cope with pain during her labor. We are supportive of both women who desire birth with or without medication. WE FIGHT FOR YOU TO HAVE THAT VAGINAL BIRTH!

We do not believe in unnecessary interventions in labor. However, we do understand that there are times when interventions become necessary. We work closely with women and families to make these decisions and explain the need for any intervention. Birth is a collaborative effort between the woman, her partner and the provider. The woman is at the center of this collaboration, always being encouraged to express her thoughts and feelings and be an active part of her care, not just a bystander.  

 We also believe in taking time with appointments, allowing women to ask questions and understand their care. Again, women have a very active role in their own care; we just help to guide them along the way.  



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