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Low Risk Obstetrics

Why do  women choose our practice for their pregnancy care?

Our doctors and midwives will forever be part of your family!

Our practice, unlike many other practices, does not arrange for a regular call coverage with another practice that our patients do not know.  This means that our patients enjoy the luxury of seeing the same provider(s) for nine months AND seeing the same providers at their delivery.  This becomes important because although most pregnancies are low risk, we know that last minute complications are always a possibility.  Wouldn’t you like the reassurance of having the competent and skilled familiar face with you, at the time that matters the most, the delivery?  Indeed, many patients have told us that they would have never imagined needing Dr. Hakimi’s highly specialized services. They have enjoyed his calm demeanor in dealing with complicated emergencies.

In addition, many patients enjoy the fact that our facility is a “one-stop shop.”  Not only do we see patients for their prenatal care, we also do the ultrasounds needed for the entire pregnancy and draw blood at appropriate times. We  consider this a convenience for our patients, and we believe it is better for our patient’s care.  We spend our time caring for patients and having full control over all aspects of the pregnancy rather than chasing after hospitals or other specialists for various reports and appointments. When another opinion is needed, we will refer you to a specialist, but we do not make patients go elsewhere for anything unnecessary.

Is there anything that sets Dr. Hakimi apart from other obstetricians and gynecologists?

Over the many years, Dr. Hakimi has focused on the incorporation of good surgical skills in his obstetrics practice. At the current time Ob/Gyn remains the only surgical sub-specialty in the United States where the residents do not get a formal training in general surgery first. As a result, American Ob/Gyns lack surgical skills compared to other surgical sub-specialties, even to European trained Ob/Gyns. What makes Dr. Hakimi unique is the fact that he has concentrated on accumulating an invaluable wealth of surgical skills from the beginning, when he completed his residency.  He has had multiple interactions and training with other surgeons and he constantly uses advanced techniques in cesarean sections, as well as other surgeries he performs.  If you have a C-section scheduled, or if you need one last minute, you can be reassured that you are getting top-notch surgical care.

What else do I need to know about Low Risk obstetrics?

How many doctors do you know that are capable of performing Vaginal Breech deliveries?

You may be aware that this region of the country (NY Metropolitan Area) has probably the highest Cesarean Section rates in the nation. The Cesarean section rate averages around 50% in the City as well as Bergen County Hospitals. If you are  interested in avoiding  a Cesarean Section, then you can count on us. There are  very few practices around who would deliver that kind of care to you. The philosophy of the founders of this field of medicine  is very simple. A healthy mother first, a healthy baby second and finally if it comes natural, let it come natural. For those who are interested, Dr. Daniel Hakimi is one of the very few physicians capable of offering Forceps deliveries and vaginal breech deliveries. Many patients seek Dr. Hakimi’s expertise and experience when they discover that their baby is in breech presentation. Our practice guides you in detail in order to explore whether turning your baby in utero is an option for you. We take care of many people with abnormal placentation and we know how important it is to avoid a cesarean section (when safe) in order to reduce the risk of these complications in the future pregnancies. The more C/Ss that you have, the higher the risk of abnormal placentation in the future pregnancies. Our patients always enjoy the variety of options available to them in such unforeseen situations.

Forceps Delivery converts a Cesarean section to a vaginal delivery!


Did you know that Dr. Hakimi has also designed a electronic health record (EHR) that is unique to the needs of Ob/Gyns?

Dr. Hakimi spent years (literally) searching for the perfect EHR for his practice, and was not satisfied with what he found.  He discovered that the problem stemmed from the unique needs of the obstetrical practice. With the professional help from the  Comtron, INC of Great Neck, NY, Dr. Hakimi has authored an EHR that both meets the demands of a busy Ob/Gyn practice and facilitates the practice of obstetrics in a way where all providers  can easily follow and apply the latest guidelines to their patients. This EHR is over a year in the making, and new features are constantly being added to improve patient care, communication, and to ensure that the  latest technologies are being utilized.

And finally, let us not forget the warm and spa-like office environment that we provide for our patients. We think our patients enjoy that very much!


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