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Office Gyn

Simple office based incision-less tubal ligation

Dr. Daniel Hakimi now offers new office based permanent birth control procedures that can be performed in our office in about 10-15 minutes. There’s no cutting, or slowing down to recover… so you can get back to normal activities quickly.
We understand that the choice of birth control is one of the most personal decisions women make. And as your health partner,we want you to know that we are always available to discuss your ever-changing options.
For example, if you’ve been using the same birth control method for a number of years, there may be some new options you may be unaware of. Or if you have decided your family is complete and it’s time to find a more permanent birth control solution, we would be happy to tell you about Essure Incision-less Tubal Sterlization.
The benefits of the these office based procedures include:
1. Recovery time is short; most women return to normal activities the next day.
2. They are covered by most insurance providers so many women pay only a co-pay.
3. The Confirmation Test verifies your tubes are blocked so you can be confident that you can rely on these procedures for permanent birth control.
4. They free you to stop worrying about unplanned pregnancy for good.
5. No Anesthesia, no burning, and no surgery
6. No hormones either!
Please visit www.essure.com to learn more and call our office today at 973-471-0707 to schedule your Birth
Control Consultation. Thanks for making ObGyn & Infertility Services of Northern NJ your health partner.

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